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General Questions: IT Asset Management ( ITM )

FAQ's regarding IT Asset management

Here you can simply set it up in 5 steps:

Send an email to us on support@itassetmanagement.in with following details

  1. Company name or individual name: Sub link will be created on this name
  2. Provide your basic details like  Contact Person name, phone number, email address, website address
  3. An email will be sent to you with your username and password on your official id within 8 hours
  4. Done! Start using and enjoy the services

Yes, we provide 30 days free evaluation period with support.

Yes, send us the confirmation on email. We will delete all the records from our database.

Yes, we bill it monthly or quarterly basis and you can make payment within 7 days after receiving the invoice

In the admin section, there is a backup button. Click and download.  You are ready

Send us your information at support id and we will help you set up.

We don’t provide customization option in the evaluation period. Once you become our customer we can customize the application as per your requirements on chargeable basis.

You can make payment via wire transfer, credit card, Pay Pal, Debit card, account transfer.

FAQ'S Regarding SHOP

Click on any product you wish to purchase, which are listed on our site.  The link will direct you to the partner site or official website of the product. Go ahead and purchase it. Once purchased we will credit cash-back amount in your account within 72 hours.


Every product and link has a special number which is generated by our site, we can track with link, if you have done any shopping with us.

No, We don’t sell products from our site, we only provide links. So if you want to buy any  product from Amazon or Microsoft. Just go to our site, search for product listed and click. Once clicked, you will be redirected to Microsoft or Amazon.com, purchase it and we will provide extra cash-back over and above Amazon discounts.

Support is directly provided by the original vendor or partner. Since all the products are 100% original and purchased from the original buyer.

Send us an email to contact@itassetmanagement.in with the details of the product, we will try our best to list them within 48 hours.

Sometimes links are changed by mistake and we don’t get confirmation. To make sure that you get cash back, clear your cookies. Click on our site and purchase. If you still don’t get cash back, send us the final invoice. We will resolve your query within 48 hours.

Cashback can vary from 1% to 5% depending from product to product and volume of license.

FAQ'S Regarding Business:

We have two options

Option1: Affiliation program: We provide links to your site and products for customer shopping. Send us an email at contact@itassetmanagement.in  and our team will contact you with all the details

Option 2: Sold by us: In this product is sold by us using our cart system. Please provide your details and our team will create an account for you. For any queries contact us at contact@itassetmanagement.in

Contact us contact@itassetmanagement.in and our team will contact you within 48 hours.

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