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1. Bulk check-out functionality in device module

2. Bulk check-in functionality in device module

3. New functionality to update serial number in license module

4. Seat wise export functionality in the license info page

5. License seat wise report in the report module


1. License checkout form to list multiple values of device and user

2. Device module to add audit information

Fixed Bugs

1. Issue of showing place-based accessory in the user profile

2. Issue of the device name and user name selection in the license module checkout form

3. Issue of not showing the assigned component in the user profile


1. Added username field in the license seat wise report

2. Added username field in the components report

3. Added username field in the consumables report

4. Added check-in (Revoke) option in the consumable module


1. Updated all comment fields to allow special characters

2. Updated all comment fields to allow the maximum of 2000 characters

3. Updated mail notification of service tickets, when user updating a comment

4. Updated checkout form of Device, Accessory, Component modules to show the list of multiple user name

5. Updated check-out to device dropdown with Device Name, Tag, Model and Serial Number of Component and Accessory module

6. Updated check-out to user dropdown with Full Name, Employee Code and Email of Device and Accessory module 

Fixed Bugs

1. Fixed the issue of not showing assigned components under the user profile


1. New Custom Reports

2. Created link between Device (list & info page) and Network Inventory (list & info page)

3. Added asset owner field in add, edit, clone, list and info page, Bulk import & update of the device module

4. New component tab in the user info page

5. Hide edit and delete options for lost/stolen status label

6. Added restoring sold device option for Global Admin

7. Disabled edit and delete option once the device sold out

8. Updated device module to store the resale information

9. New components tab in my item module

10. Shown the company, based on login when creating a new department

11. Updated license, accessory, component tab of the user info page to show the details when any one of the assets is checkout to device and that device is checked out to the user

12. Updated project configuration module with project number, start date project head, short description

13. Filter based export has added in Inventory details

Fixed bugs

1. Issue of viewing currently in information, when checkout the device to user/place

2. Issue of does not accepting right values for validation of IP and MAC fields on add/edit device forms

3. Table width issue on the device info page

4. Issue of the mandatory field, while checking out the components

5. Issue of showing the Real Documents Name on Documents Tap for all the uploaded documents

6. Issue of adding the image when editing a device

7. Issue of Procurement dashboard counts

8. Issue of the overall and new dashboard



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