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Invest wisely on this Diwali with ITM

invest on asset lifecycle management, automated ticketing system, procurement management process,Asset tracking
Diwali is the festival of joy, traditions and marks the new beginning. There is a legendary belief that the money spent on Diwali would shower more prosperity in the coming New Year. Therefore, everyone including many organizations were eagerly waiting for this festive season to make some new investments. In the meantime, there is a

Best Help desk Software 2019 – ITM

Best help desk software
Help desk software plays an important role in modern business platforms to ensure good productivity and efficiency. Business without the help desk software is challenging, when dealing with high volume communications, whereas help desk software aims to help and manage the workload. But finding the right help desk software will become another challenge because there
Ticketing software
Automation goes beyond traditional methods that integrate all business processes currently. Likewise, The automated ticketing software introduces a new optimized way to manage the tickets and enables better customer interaction. To make the seamless and effective customer support, its vital to maintain the multi-channel interaction. From the ticket creation to its resolution, the automation should
Change Management Software
Change management is the process of managing the changes of an organization in order to achieve maximum business outcomes. IT environment has a lot of changes more often. These frequent changes make the IT environment more complex. Here change management comes in. It provides effective communication between various teams and users to avoid conflicts. Effective change
Network inventory management is the process of managing the assets which connected over the network. Network inventory management includes both hardware and software assets. Additionally, it provides detailed information such as software installed, Windows events, serial numbers, IP address etc.  Commonly network inventory is the list of assets which connected over the network. What Network
The service desk is the single point of contact between the organization and its internal employees. Likewise to its external users. The service desk streamlines the conversations across different channels in to one place. Additionally, it keeps track of raised tickets to ensures users receive appropriate help in a timely manner. Factors consider when getting a

High-end server crown is retained by HPE

HPE bucks trend to retain high-end server crown Technical and HPC gains offset commodity server losses IDC points its research telescope at the HPC server market 30 Dec 2016 at 13:00, Chris Mellor IDC bean-counters saw strong high-end server revenue growth in the third quarter high-performance technical computing market but revenue falls in low-end sysyems.
Outbound ddos attack
Problem Statement: Hacked: OUTBOUND DDOS attack 2016ttfacai  or DBsecurityspt SOLVED   If you detected an outbound denial of service attack originating from your server and its impacted your website. If you discover that a process internal to your server is sending large amounts of malicious traffic towards other servers and your service provider applied network
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