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The service desk is the single point of contact between the organization and its internal employees. Likewise to its external users. The service desk streamlines the conversations across different channels in to one place. Additionally, it keeps track of raised tickets to ensures users receive appropriate help in a timely manner. Factors consider when getting a
Keeping track of accurate asset register is a major task for all the companies of the industry. It is important for a business to manage its assets efficiently to get the maximum possible returns. Asset management software provides significant information like Assets count, current status, location and the asset owner. But spreadsheets can also provide
Asset tracking is the process of tracking asset movements by using various technologies to collect important information about the entire organizational assets. The efficiency of the system totally depends upon the method used. The same can achieve by choosing the right asset management software. Here is some points to consider prior to select the asset
Asset tags are the unique identification tags, which have entire information about the particular asset. All fixed and movable assets such as machinery, IT hardware assets,furniture can be tagged.  Asset tagging performs a vital role in the process of asset management. Because, it is not only the printed label to highlight the asset name, user
Auditing will be more challenge if an organization don’t have the right preparation. When coming to the right audit preparation, you have to maintain complete, accurate, and up-to-date fixed asset records from the beginning of every financial year. Right audit preparation does not begin from the previous one or two months. Do you know that the

Fixed Asset Auditing Procedures

ITM Services, Fixed Asset Auditing & Asset Management Compliance
The fixed asset auditing procedure is for those assets, which expected to last more than one year, such as land, buildings, and equipment. If you are not having updated record for your fixed assets. Fixed asset audit need to done once in a year. First of all ,fixed assets are the primary resource for the

High-end server crown is retained by HPE

HPE bucks trend to retain high-end server crown Technical and HPC gains offset commodity server losses IDC points its research telescope at the HPC server market 30 Dec 2016 at 13:00, Chris Mellor IDC bean-counters saw strong high-end server revenue growth in the third quarter high-performance technical computing market but revenue falls in low-end sysyems.
Outbound ddos attack
Problem Statement: Hacked: OUTBOUND DDOS attack 2016ttfacai  or DBsecurityspt SOLVED   If you detected an outbound denial of service attack originating from your server and its impacted your website. If you discover that a process internal to your server is sending large amounts of malicious traffic towards other servers and your service provider applied network
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