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Helpdesk system
The helpdesk system directly impacts productivity and is an essential part of what enables a business system to meet its stakeholder needs. However, owing to complex IT environments, managers struggle to ensure that their help desks are operating at optimum efficiency. The help desk system delivers exceptional service while maximizing productivity. A Helpdesk system (frequently
Service Ticket Automation
It has become essential for businesses to keep up with consumer trends. A service ticket automation system enables your business to perform quick and efficient roles. It assists to improvise CSAT scores, multitasks, managing teams, and improvise workflow efficiency. It is good to deploy an efficient customer management system and a ticket support system to
asset management system
The asset management system enables to record & track assets throughout their lifecycle. Get complete information about assets location, authority, usage, status & more. It enables organizations to control their daily tasks, achieve better ROI, minimize cost and mitigate risk. asset managers can keep the check on assets status, available and scale the business globally.This
ticketing system
Delivering consistent customer service for the customers is hard. Right ticketing software smoothens the work. The ticketing system is responsible for peer-to-peer communication. It helps to eliminate the bottlenecks communication process, figure out the priority of events, reporting, and more. To make the work process flow smoothly, deploy a helpdesk ticketing system in the process
Hardware & asset management solutions
Helpdesk software solution with asset management is one of the most convenient approaches to smoothen business workflow operations. Helpdesk software solution with asset management is one of the most convenient approaches to smoothen business workflow operations. A convenient asset module with helpdesk software. It is an instinctive, adaptable, and easy-to-use software solution. It is a
asset management software
Best asset management software helps to manage and maintain the team, physical assets of the organization, tracking, monitoring, coordinating with the workforce, and more. The organization can use it to maximize asset performance during asset lifecycle, get better returns, improve efficiency.  and it’s a cost-effective solution. We can’t deny that modern business is dependent on

High-end server crown is retained by HPE

HPE bucks trend to retain high-end server crown Technical and HPC gains offset commodity server losses IDC points its research telescope at the HPC server market 30 Dec 2016 at 13:00, Chris Mellor IDC bean-counters saw strong high-end server revenue growth in the third quarter high-performance technical computing market but revenue falls in low-end sysyems.
Outbound ddos attack
Problem Statement: Hacked: OUTBOUND DDOS attack 2016ttfacai  or DBsecurityspt SOLVED   If you detected an outbound denial of service attack originating from your server and its impacted your website. If you discover that a process internal to your server is sending large amounts of malicious traffic towards other servers and your service provider applied network
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