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FILEminimizer Server


FILEminimizer Server is a quality software product for use on a server or virtual
server/machine within a company environment. FILEminimizer Server allows the IT
Administrator to compress Microsoft Office files, PDF files and images directly on servers while
maintaining the original quality and format of the files. Provided a correct licensing, storage
systems such as SAN and NAS as well as Unix and Linux servers can also be optimized using
mapped network drives. With an average compression rate of 50-90%, the benefit of deploying
FILEminimizer Server is a massive reduction of storage space occupied by unstructured files
such as large Microsoft Office, PDF and image files, a consequent decrease in network traffic
and data transfer costs as well as considerable time and volume savings for backups and drive
scans. The overall result is more efficient usage of existing storage capacities which reduces all
storage related costs throughout the whole data lifecycle and saves money for the organization.


FILEminimizer Server Highlights

  • Microsoft Office file compression on servers from 50-90%: 1TB (ca. 1,000GB) of Microsoft Office files on a server are reduced to 500GB or less
  • PDF file compression on servers from 50-90%: compress PDF scans, “born-digital” PDF files and print-ready PDF files
  • Image file compression on servers from 50-90%: lossless compression on images in the formats JPG, TIFF, GIF, EMF, BMP and PNG
  • Keep the original Microsoft Office file format and functionality – no unzipping required
  • Supports all Microsoft Office files from Office 97 through 2013 (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX)
  • Multi-Core Support: perform fast optimizations using every processor on your server
  • Reduce data transfer costs and network traffic
  • Considerably reduce backup volume and time on backup and storage servers
  • Free Storage Analyzer: analyzes your server and finds out the optimization potential and economic savings. See how many Office and image files you can compress and by how much!
  • Profile Wizard: create individual and flexible optimization profiles to optimize data and file servers in the best possible manner for your company
  • Scheduler for automated server optimizations: perform the optimization process automatically, for example in the evening or on weekends
  • Immediate Return on Investment: positive ROI after a few months due to storage cost savings and data traffic reductions.

System Requirements
FILEminimizer Server is designed for Windows Server. However, it can be easily tasked to
optimize also other storage systems such as NAS and SAN as well as Linux and Unix file
servers using mapped network drives which FILEminimizer Server can access.

The following are the minimum system requirements to use FILEminimizer Server:

  • Windows Server 2000, 2003 or 2008 (R2)
  • Minimum 300MHz Pentium or compatible CPU
  • 512 MB RAM / 30 MB of available hard disk space
  • VGA graphics card capable of 1024×768 resolution
  • No PowerPoint, Word or Excel installation required
  • balesio recommends at least 1 GB of available memory (RAM) per simultaneous optimization
  • The software supports multi-threading. If multi-threading is chosen, balesio recommends to run
  • not more than one optimization per available core, e.g. on a dual-core system not more than 2
  • simultaneous optimizations should be performed. balesio further recommends attributing 1 GHz
    or higher CPUs per optimization/core to get fastest optimization results.
  • The software has been thoroughly tested on Virtual Machines and Virtual Servers as well.


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