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FlippingBook Gallery Component For Joomla CMS – Corporate


FlippingBook Gallery Component For Joomla can be used to create a series of books and bind each one to a menu item. The component has a variety of settings to allow the virtually unlimited personalization of your books, for example by selecting your own background, changing shadow parameters, adding flipping sounds and many other parameters.


Main features

  • * User friendly interface
  • * Can create books based on Joomla! articles or images from selected folder(s)
  • * Provides advanced filters for the selection of articles
  • * Supports keyboard navigation
  • * Can specify speed, transition effect, size, styles and many other parameters
  • * Book can be shown in "closed" view
  • * Includes 2 themes and supports ability to create new themes
  • * Multiple instances of the module can be used on one page with different settings
  • * Supports RTL languages
  • * Can display preview of next and previous pages on mouse over
  • * Provides possibility to change items template. You can display article intro text, full text or other article parameter. You can also combine different article parameters
  • * Highly customizable
  • * Works in all modern browsers

System Requirements

Software: PHP
Supported Databases:MySQL
Supported Web Servers:
Apache[2] (with mod_mysql, mod_xml, and mod_zlib)
Microsoft IIS[5]


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