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WinZip Mac Optimizer


Clean Up And Speed Up Your Computer With WinZip Mac Optimizer

Computers are great at collecting all kinds of useless data. There are duplicate files, user caches, log files, and unnecessary applications, to name a few, that all accumlate, slowing your computer down. WinZip Mac Optimizer will take care of this problem for you. It will clean up your Mac and get it running at optimum speed. And its “shredder” feature makes sure that this is done securely.WinZip Mac Optimizer is a system optimizing application that clears out unused and unnecessary files from your Mac. The more you use your Mac, the more it gets bogged down with duplicate files, unnecessary applications, and software you might not even know is on your system. WinZip Mac Optimizer makes it easy to fine tune your Mac, finding and cleaning up files with just a few clicks for faster performance in a flash.


  • WinZip Mac Optimizer is designed to help you keep your Mac clean and running at maximum potential.
  • WinZip Mac Optimizer offers the necessary tools for deleting user cache and log files, removing unused application files.
  • WinZip Mac Optimizer app is also able to find duplicate files and securely delete files containing private information.

Clean your Mac instantly

One-click cleaning takes care of the hidden files that are slowing down your Mac. It’s the easy and safe way to clean your system, user cache and log files, and remove unused application files.

Speed up your Mac

Make your Mac faster by removing duplicate files and unwanted applications. Manage the applications that launch during startup to improve speed instantly.

Clean your Mac manually

Take a look at the files that have built up in your browser and on your system through web browsing and Internet downloads. Then easily remove files that are slowing down your Mac.

Remove files safely

Use the Shredder to permanently delete your private information for added security and peace of mind


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