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Top 6 ways to save money with ITM

Nowadays Asset Management is one of the difficult processes due to the increasing size of the organization, employee turnover, software compliance, lack of standards etc. But still, most of the companies are not really ready to go with the latest Asset Management Software’s because of the expensiveness. IT Asset Management Software(ITM) is a cloud-based application,
ITM services
Procurement Management is one form of management, where goods and services are acquired from a different organization. In a simple form, it is the process of physically buying a product or service. Is there any special reason to use this form of management to acquire goods and services? Yes, Procurement management is known to help

Physical Asset Verification and Auditing

Why Physical Asset Auditing is required? All private and public entities are required to conduct a physical Asset Auditing at the end of every financial year. Because an auditor required to report whether the company is maintaining proper records of assets and these assets have been physically verifying by the management at reasonable intervals. Objectives Statutory Compliance
asset management lifecycle procurement management
Asset Management Lifecycle Optimization & Procurement Management     Asset management is the process of monitoring and maintaining assets cost-effectively. The assets include all elements of software and hardware that are found in the business environment. Asset management is also called inventory management because It gathers all the hardware and software information. So that you

New innovation in Laptop 2017

New innovation in Laptop New innovation in laptop which looks promising in 2017 featuring 3 screen laptop and touch screen for Apple lovers. 1. Touchscreen MacBook 2016 AirBar is now available for MacBook Air 13-inch models. The innovative gadget, which was named an Innovation Awards Honoree at the CES 2017 expo in Las Vegas, brings

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