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New innovation in Laptop 2017

New innovation in Laptop New innovation in laptop which looks promising in 2017 featuring 3 screen laptop and touch screen for Apple lovers. 1. Touchscreen MacBook 2016 AirBar is now available for MacBook Air 13-inch models. The innovative gadget, which was named an Innovation Awards Honoree at the CES 2017 expo in Las Vegas, brings

High-end server crown is retained by HPE

HPE bucks trend to retain high-end server crown Technical and HPC gains offset commodity server losses IDC points its research telescope at the HPC server market 30 Dec 2016 at 13:00, Chris Mellor IDC bean-counters saw strong high-end server revenue growth in the third quarter high-performance technical computing market but revenue falls in low-end sysyems.

US Elections 2016 were hacked?

  According to the CNN news and diplomat US elections between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump we hacked by Russian. This is yet to be confirmed but look like something is fishy. Washington (CNN) President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter Tuesday evening to deride the US intelligence agencies due to brief him on alleged Russian hacking
Case study how to save save cost
Why you should have IT Asset management? Many statements are bandied about the industry on how much you can save with Asset Management, for example: “Organizations can realize cost savings between 5% and 35% by implementing focused software asset management practices” Gartner Less common, are examples of organizations explaining how they actually went about it.
Outbound ddos attack
Problem Statement: Hacked: OUTBOUND DDOS attack 2016ttfacai  or DBsecurityspt SOLVED   If you detected an outbound denial of service attack originating from your server and its impacted your website. If you discover that a process internal to your server is sending large amounts of malicious traffic towards other servers and your service provider applied network

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