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Do you buy licenses for yourself or for your organization?

As Procurement or IT manager  you can save some extra $$$ in your budget.

Get upto 10% cashback on purchasing software, licenses, laptops, domain, ssl or renewal of your services for yourself or for your corporate.  You can shop from 70+ sites like Amazon, go Daddy, Microsoft, Adobe etc. Still adding....

What you need to do?

Whenever you want to purchase or renew your existing services do the following:

  1. Clear your browsing cache and history
  2. Go to http://Itassetmanagement/blog/shop
  3. Login & Search for product or site from which you want to shop
  4. Click on the link which will redirect you to the original site.
  5. Go ahead and shop
  6. Get cash back within 72 hours.

Note: Please make sure you don’t close the browser or open any new browser by using Google or any other link and your system is accepting the cookies

Cash back depends from product to product or site to site.

What if the site or products are not listed in IT Asset management?

No worries, send us an email providing the complete details like product name, website link etc. we will try our best to list those product within 48 hours.  If we fail we will inform and suggest you some other alternatives.


How would we know that your purchase is done? Drop us an email at contact@itassetmanagement.in with your invoice number, purchase date and amount.

Does the invoice has details that it is purchased by IT Asset management or eligible for cash back?

No you are buying the product from Original buyer and support and invoice is processed by the original website only.


How will it benefit IT Asset management?

We sell our own software https://itassetmanagement.in/demo//auth/signin which helps the  organization to manage licenses and assets on cloud. Read more here

Please read FAQ’s section for more details

Asset audit
The importance of asset auditing for the organization cannot be underestimated. You can see the key benefits of asset audits for business management. The significance of asset audits for our business assets and their management. Our aim of asset audits is to increase compliance and ensure assets are in an accurate condition. These factors are

Asset management strategy planning :

Asset Management
Every company requires to keep track of its assets and resources. This way stakeholders will know which assets are available to be operated to provide optimal returns.  There are two kinds of assets Fixed assets and Current assets.  Fixed or non-current assets belong to assets got for long-term use. Current assets are those assets that can
Asset Management
Asset management Importance for business development Organizations are completely dependent on technological infrastructure to perform the majority of business operations & initiate business growth. If the organizations lack assets management it can lead to submissions issues, waste of resources, services delays, heavy costs, and more. To lessen such risks, organizations should know how their assets

Asset Auditing during the Pandemic

Are you struggling to complete the asset audit in the covid period, worried about the audit compliance? Pandemic has changed the working style of business, you no longer need a brick and mortar office or call employees to work. Employees are working from home effectively, only you need to provide them a laptop and other
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